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Introduction of Dawn Group of Companies
Of all the activities in a developing country, High quality Shrimps Culture, Nursery Shrimps Processing, Export & Agro-Based Products, C ivil Engineering works probably occupy the most important position for development of infra-structural facilities, for construction of Mills and Factories, Multi-Storied Buildings, the provide sample accommodation to the growing population, to develop Sewerage and Drainage systems, to Construct Barrages, Bridges and Dams, to resist erosion of towns, to protect Villages and Cultivable land

Our Project
Dawn Gold Fish Products Ltd
Dawn Properties Ltd
Dawn Trading International
Dawn Technology
Televeiw / Telestar Media
Dawn M&S Enterprises Ltd
Symbiosis Education Group
Dawn Plastic Products Ltd
Dawn Apparel & Fashion Ltd
Firming dale
Our Certificate
New Project
Sleek Knit Garments
Seafood Business
Welcome to Dawn Group of Companies
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